Endorsements and Testimonials

Bernard Parks Endorsement

Bernard Parks Endorsement – Former Los Angeles County City Councilmember and LAPD Chief Bernard Parks speaks about my candidacy for Congress in the 37th Congressional District.

Jeff Prang Endorsement

L.A. City County Assessor Jeff Prang Endorses Jan Perry for Congress. 
”We need her clear-sighted leadership in Washington. I urge you to vote to send Jan Perry to Con-gress.”

London Carter Testimonial

I led the restoration of the Dunbar Hotel. It is a jewel in the crown of Central Avenue and part of the history, both good and bad, of our country. It was a hotel that allowed major black entertainers to stay because of Jim Crow laws. Today it is a beautiful place for people 55 and older to live and enjoy the architecture, history and full-service sit down restaurant, Delicious, at the Dunbar. This is my friend, the mayor of the Dunbar hotel, London Carter.

Norman Chramoff Testimonial

Norman is one of a kind. He is a friend and an activist, a founding father of the political structure in the city for the LGBTQ+ community. He was an early leader in the Stonewallorganization and has been an activist and advocate for many years. He is a long time resident of Leimert Park and I am very grateful for his friendship and support. He works tirelessly on behalf of the community and loves to phone bank.

Jim and Mary Chitty Testimonial